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At the heart of the vibrant world of party wear dresses lies the brainchild of a creative mind, the founder of Misstrange. A journey that began during his diploma at Pearl Academy, Noida, has evolved into an inspiring brand that celebrates the art of embroidery. 

During his academic journey, he found himself immersed in an assignment that revolved around the intricate art of embroidery, specifically Zardozi. This assignment acted as a catalyst, igniting his passion for this age-old craft. As he delved into his research, he stumbled upon a poignant insight: the younger generation was gradually losing interest in this traditional craft, and talented artisans struggled to find meaningful opportunities. 

Driven by the desire to preserve this cultural gem and create a platform for skilled artisans, he took a leap of faith and established Misstrange in 2022. Through his brand, he not only brings to life breathtaking party wear dresses but also provides a haven for skilled craftsmen to showcase their talents and earn their livelihoods. 

The brand not only adorns individuals in elegant attire but also weaves stories of cultural heritage and artistic excellence. 

Key Highlights

Crafted with Heritage

We weave natural threads into luxurious fabrics, preserving traditional crafts with naturally dyed patterns that endure. Welcome to a world of authentic fashion inspired by centuries-old techniques.

Exquisite Quality

Our handcrafted pieces redefine luxury, offering top-tier quality that delights. Each creation tells a story of mastery, available to you at surprisingly accessible prices.

Designs with Purpose

Our designer dresses boast intricate hand embroidery and organic textiles, embodying a commitment to responsible fashion that respects both style and nature.

Sustainability Redefined

Our passion for a greener world shines through our ecologically sustainable products. Partnering with like-minded creators, we curate a collection that harmonizes style with a deep respect for our planet.

Empowerment in Every Stitch

We celebrate creators. Our network fosters fair wages and safe conditions for artisans, ensuring your purchase supports both exceptional craftsmanship and the artisans who make it possible.